Aimee Brooks


Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. To say I love music is an understatement. My parents instilled that love of music into me as a small child. It was only natural for me to find myself in radio playing all the music I love. I have a massive collection of vinyl and it’s safe to say I can probably beat you in music trivia. When I’m not listening to music, I’m rescuing kittens or recording my true crime podcast “Horrific Heartland”. Being on the air here in the Black Hills is a dream come true. I have a long history with the area going all the way back to Flintstone Village in Custer. Yes, you know the one. RIP. Now a days I’m well acquainted with the wineries and breweries on 385 in Hill City. Although I still dream of taking the train around Flintstone Village while I drink my craft beer. 

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