Blackjack Massacre Qualifier Info


Congratulations! You are officially qualified for “The Cadillac Jack’s & Q92.3 St. Valentine’s Massacre Blackjack Tournament. The tournament will be played Saturday, February 10th, at the Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort in Deadwood. We will begin the qualifying rounds at noon. Q 92.3 qualifiers can check-in from 10:30am-11:30am. You must be 21 and have a photo ID. No stand-ins will be allowed.

If you are not familiar with how a Blackjack Tournament works, a practice table will be available beginning at 11am with dealers available to answer any questions you may have. A copy of the rules is listed below.


PARKING: Cadillac Jacks has tons off free parking! Either in front of the resort, or the parking garage underneath the building. You can also use the public parking area one block down on the opposite side of the street.

WHEN YOU ARRIVE: Make your way to the LIVE TABLE GAMES AREA located on the TRU BY HILTON side of the resort. You’ll see the Q 92.3 CHECK IN TABLE. There are multiple check-in tables, so please be sure to go to the correct table.

WHAT TO BRING: Make sure to have your identification at Check in. You will receive a CADILLAC JACKS PLAYERS CARD that you will need to keep with you throughout the contest. and by the way…the card has $10 in FREE PLAY on it for you to try your luck!

TIME FRAME: Q 92.3 qualifiers can check in from 10:30am-11:30am. You’ll receive instructions on when you’re playing in the tournament when you check-in. The tournament will start at 12pm on Saturday, February 10th.

ONCE YOU’RE DONE: If you do not advance to the next round, DON’T LEAVE! You could be drawn back into the tournament at anytime, including the final Grand Prize Table. Live cash tables will be available if you would like to play in between heats, but please listen closely to the announcements. When your name is called, you will need report to your table promptly.

Good Luck! And we’ll see you on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH at Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort for the $10,000 Blackjack Massacre!


Each player is given $500 (points) in nonnegotiable tournament chips for each round.
Chips do not advance to the next round.

  1. Five points minimum bet, 200 maximum bets. Bets must be made in five-point
    increments unless the player is “all in.” You may double down for less than the original
    bet when “all in.”
  2. SIX (6) hands will be dealt for each qualifying round. One spot per player. Final
    (championship) round will be TWELVE (12) hands.
  3. THREE (3) players, with the highest number of points from each table will advance to
    the next round.
  4. In the event of a tie, four (4) additional hands will be dealt to determine the place of the
  5. A rotation numbered button is used to indicate the dealing and betting order. Each hand
    begins with the player with the button. The button moves one position after each hand.
  6. After a bet has been made it cannot be changed.
  7. All chips must be kept separate and stacked by denomination and in full view of all
    players. No handling of chips will be allowed during play.
  8. No coaching will be allowed.
  9. Free drawings will be held to fill 1 table (6 seats) in each round from non-qualifiers.
    (Does not include round 1, Semi-Final Table, or Final Grand Prize Table)
  10. Free drawings will be held to fill two seats, one from Q 92.3 qualifiers, at the Grand Prize
    Table from non-qualifiers.
  11. Deadwood Gaming Commission Rules and regulations, along with Casino house gaming
    rules, will be strictly enforced. In case of dispute, the decision of the tournament official
    will be final.


The top 6 players from the Q 92.3 tournament will win the following prizes:

1st: Seat at the Final Table
2nd: Seat at the Final Table
3rd: $100.00 BJ Promo Chips
4th: $100.00 BJ Promo Chips
5th: $100.00 BJ Promo Chips
6th: $50.00 BJ Promo Chips

The top 2 players from each semi-final table will advance to the final Grand Prize Table. All previously eliminated players from the Q 92.3 tournament will be entered into a drawing for one of two seats at the Grand Prize Table. The top 6 players from the Grand Prize Table will be awarded the following prizes:

1st $5,000.00 Cash
2nd $2,000.00 Cash
3rd $750.00*
4th $650.00*
5th $550.00*
6th $450.00*

*Prize will be paid half cash & half Promo Chips.