Bits of the Hits!




Bits of the Hits!
The newest game to “Hit” the Black Hills is here! Every Tuesday night at Thirsty’s Downtown, play the fun and interactive new game “Bits of the Hits” It’s a team game…so get you and your music loving friends together to try and win great prizes!
It’s a simple game. We play 5 seconds of a song. You have to identify the Title and the Artist of the song. You get a point for each one you know. 
Simple, right? 
There’s 3 rounds of 25 songs each. The team with the most points at the end wins the grand prize! You can get a little help (if you need it) by purchasing “cheats” you get a cheat for a $1 donation to St Jude (Max 5 cheats per team) 
Come test your musical knowledge, have fun with friends, an even help out St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. “Bits of the Hits” every Tuesday at Thirsty’s on West Main! With Q 92-3!