Triple Play Showdown Qualifier Info




PARKING: Cadillac Jacks has tons off free parking! Either in front of the resort, or the parking garage underneath the building. You can also use the public parking area one block down on the opposite side of the street.

WHEN YOU ARRIVE: Make your way to the LIVE TABLE GAMES AREA located on the TRU BY HILTON side of the resort. You’ll see the CHECK IN TABLE.

WHAT TO BRING: Make sure to have your identification at Check in. You will receive a CADILLAC JACKS PLAYERS CARD that you will need to keep with you throughout the contest. and by the way…the card has $10 in FREE PLAY on it for you to try your luck!

TIME FRAME: Q 92.3 qualifiers can check in from 1:30pm til 2:30pm. You’ll be instructed which game you’ll be playing first at check in.

You will have 90 minutes (2:30-4pm) to complete all three segments of the Triple Play Showdown. BlackJack, Dice Roll and Slot Tournament. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you have ample time to complete all three.

ONCE YOU’RE DONE: know that there are qualifiers from 3 radio stations that are competing in this event. ALL QUALIFIERS will be finished by 4pm that day. At 4:30pm we will announce the winners for the individual radio stations, followed by the overall winners from the combined totals of all 3 radio stations. So, you can actually WIN MULTIPLE TIMES….for individual station totals and for overall totals. You can view the pay-outs for the TRIPLE PLAY SHOWDOWN HERE.

Good Luck! And we’ll see you on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11TH at Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort for the TRIPLE PLAY SHOWDOWN!